Team Win Recovery Project is now available for LG G4. Why should you root your device to this particular recovery? Well, with this you can wipe caches, flash custom ROMs and customize and personalize your device to the fullest. Plus, its interface is fully touch driven – say goodbye to jabbing those Volume rockers and Power button. The GUI is also fully “theme-able”, meaning that you can change every little thing about the look and the feel.

If you can manage to unlock your LG G4 device then you can easily flash this new custom TWRP recovery on your device. The process isn’t that difficult and you can easily carry it out just by using your PC. Please note that you should unlock the bootloader first to flash the custom recovery on LG G4.


Keep in mind that once you install this particular custom recovery on your device, you will void its warranty. That means it can’t be claimed. In simple words, if you have a hardware issue and you go to the store to get it fixed, the company will charge you. Please take the time and read all I have to say to correctly root your device. If anything goes wrong, you may also end up with a bricked device. Tech Chomps doesn’t take responsibility of that. Also, your phone will be flashed meaning that all your data will be wiped off from your device. It is wise to back up all your important texts, contacts, call logs, files, music, videos, notes etc. either to the cloud or manually on a computer.

Make sure that the USB debugging option is enabled on your device. To do that, Go to Menu > Settings > About Phone. Tap on the About option seven to eight times until you get the developer rights. Now go to Settings > Developer Options to enable USB debugging. Also check your phone’s battery percentage. If it is not sufficient, the phone may turn off unexpectedly and you may end up with a bricked device. Do check that you have at least 60% battery in your device. You’ll also be needing LG driver for your computer. Click here to download them.

We are being very clear with the fact that this procedure is only for LG G4. Don’t try this for any other device. Also, the procedure will only work on an unlocked device. Don’t bother if your device is locked to a particular carrier.

Installing the TWRP Recovery on the LG G4

  1. You must setup Android SDK by learning how to install Android SDK and ADB on Windows with three different methods.
  2. Connect your smartphone with your computer. Install the ADB drivers on it.
  3. Download the custom TWPR recovery on your computer. Copy that file to the same folder where you have Fastboot after setting up ADB.
  4. Go to the folder where you have TWRP and Fastboot and right-click and Shift key to open the Command Prompt Window from the new menu.
  5. Turn off your device. Now, hold the Volume Down button and the Power both at the same time. Your phone will boot into the Fastboot Mode.
  6. Now, type the command “fastboot flash recovery twrp-”
    in the Command Prompt window.
  7. Wait for the process to complete.
  8. When it is done, enter the Recovery Mode from the Fastboot menu on your phone using the Volume rockers
  9. In the Recovery mode, you can now see the TWRP Recovery option. It means that the process is successful.
  10. Reboot your LG G4 device by selecting “Reboot System Now” on the Recovery Mode. Let your phone reboot now.


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