The Maximum OvrDrive N5 v1.1 custom ROM is one of the best custom ROMs you can install on the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Maximum OvrDrive is themed to update your Galaxy Note 4 device to the Galaxy Note 5 without you having to drop a dime in the process. Along with the theming options, you will also get some of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 stock applications running on your Note 4 to maximize your ROM with updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Files You Need

  • Download the Maximum OvrDrive custom ROM file from here.
  • The guidelines are written for people with the TWRP custom recovery and a computer that is running Windows. You can use a different operating system from your computer as well as a different custom recovery, but the steps and wording could slightly differ.

Flashing the Maximum OvrDrive N5 v1.1 ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for T-Mobile subscribers

  1. Download the Maximum OvrDrive ROM file directly to the computer and copy it from the default downloads folder over to the desktop.
  2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device to the computer with the USB cable.
  3. Copy the custom ROM file over to the root of the SD card internal storage space on your Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.
  4. Unplug the Sammy Note 4 device once you know the ROM zip file is now on your internal storage.
  5. Boot the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device to recovery mode using the hardware key combination or the Quick Boot application from the Google Play Store.
  6. Take a complete backup of your data by tapping on the ‘backup’ button from your main recovery menu.
  7. Choose to wipe the data and apply a factory reset by tapping on the ‘Wipe’ button from the main recovery menu.
  8. Choose to upload your new ROM zip file by tapping on the ‘Install’ option from the main recovery menu and then browse the internal storage SD card for the custom ROM zip file.
  9. Swipe at the bottom of the display where it tells you to complete the installation of your new ROM on the device.
  10. Go back to the main recovery menu and choose to reboot the system by tapping over the button that says the same.

In conclusion, that’s how to install the Maximum OvrDrive custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for T-Mobile subscribers. The new ROM will remain on your device each time you reboot the power. You can head over to the Sam Mobile website and click on the firmware menu to find your stock ROM. Flash the stock ROM using the Odin flashing tool if you ever want to run your stock ROM again.