You may notice the extra number 1 at the end of the CyanogenMod number. That is because of the recent security issues that were exposed in the Android system. This then leads to a patch required to fix it by the Android team, as well as the CM team on top of that. The new-found vulnerability is a significant security threat which needs patching when you get a chance. If I’m not mistaken, there was another back and forth after this one where a Chinese blog exposed another issue, which also needed to be fixed. However, we don’t have that guide, nor does anyone else. Little word has become available on the matter. As soon as it becomes available, we’ll post it. For the time being, this is the one you want to take a few minutes on and update. With the safety being such an important aspect, you should always take precautions.

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  • Instead of just jumping straight in the head first and not knowing what you are getting into, here are a few details.You will void the device manufacturer warranty by following this guide. That’s only if you paid for one to begin with. If you didn’t then you wouldn’t have one anyway so there is no point worrying about this. Many people choose to fork out the extra money for one though because it saves them the need of stressing over its health. Even the best brands out there can encounter things at the best of times and this generally isn’t any of your faults. The reason for this is because we break the seal and when they open it up they will be able to see this. They don’t let you play with hardware as part of the terms and conditions so it will be void. The good thing is that this seal can be repealed because it isn’t a physical shell. If you unroot again, they won’t be able to detect that you have done anything at all. Of course, that will need another guide to follow though, and they aren’t always available for every device. You may want to check around the web to make sure there is one for you if you are not a risk taker or you don’t have much money to buy another mobile if something goes astray.
  • Now you will want to be cheered up because after all we are promoting this activity right? Developing root access will open up your handset to things that it was capable of doing before. It doesn’t actually create anything new, but what it does do is take off the lock that was restricting your current capabilities. It’s from here that we can then do some cool stuff with it as add-on custom Rom’s that look and feel different other one you are using now. There’s also a whole bunch of applications out there that you couldn’t use up until now. Not only are they different, but many of them do things that weren’t possible before.
  • The Samsung Captivate needs to be a rooted device. It is because the Custom ROM can only be supported when the hardware has been unchained. After gaining root, you need to flash a recovery on it. When you first buy these smartphone they each come with a stock recovery. However, that stock recovery image cannot be used to install a Custom ROM.
  • I already mentioned the warranty will is gone. With that in mind, there are two things to mention. The first is an app called triangle Away that can reset the flash counter and the second is if you don’t use the app be very careful when following the guide os that nothing goes wrong or else you will be splitting the bill.
  • OTA software updates come into the setting on notifications when using unofficial firmware. So when the device gets updated officially by the phone carrier and Android you will have to install this file manually. Check our search box for extra information on how to do this. We cover a variety of devices.
  • Make sure that USB Debugging is enabled so a successful connection between it and the computer is made.
  • This model is compatible with the Samsung captivate SGH-i897 only and should not be installed on a different device. It will not work and could also brick it.
  • Backup all market apps, call logs, SMS and MMS text messages, contacts and all other sensitive data. We recommend taking an NANDROID backup and it is preferred by many with root for its easy use.

How To Update The Samsung Captivate SGH-i897 with Unofficial CM10.1.1 4.2.2 Jelly Bean

1. Download the CM10.1.1 Android 4.2.2 ROM as well as the Google Gapps.

2. Get the USB cable. You need to connect it to the computer now with one end. Have it connected to the phone on the other end.

Before you decide to go any further, you want to do a Nandroid back up. This one is slightly more challenging than the usual back up where we would use the Micros SD card for that and transfer it to the computer. But for root access people, this is the advised method. There’s also applications available from the Play store that will make it even easier for you to back up your data. If you are a novice and don’t know what you are doing, it’s best to just follow the instructions from one of the apps instead. Try and get into the habit of making copies of your phone periodically, though, because it isn’t just times like this when it can come it handy. You could lose your phone at any time, or you could face issues with it any day. Some good one’s we like to recommend are Helium premium and G cloud storage. Storing things in the cloud is becoming much more popular these days. In the beginning when it was new everybody wanted to try it out, but then it dried up a bit because people starting to become cautious about the control of their data. They didn’t feel like they owned it, or they didn’t trust the cloud after these brands came out and admitted the data won’t be as secure there. Now things are improved and there isn’t much to worry about at all.

3. The two files from step 1 now need to be transferred over to the SD card. Do this by using the copy and paste.

4. Boot it back up into a custom recovery mode because it is the custom type that we are using this time.

It is important to do all the wiping of delvik caches and other caches such as the cache partition and the wipe data factory reset options.

5. Head back to the first recovery screen. Now select choose zip from SD card. Now you will need to transfer both of the files over. Do this one at a time.

6. Lastly, go back once again to main recovery. From here this time you want to choose a reboot system now. Now you are finished after it turns on again.

Once you are finished, there’s one bit of very important information you won’t see anywhere else. Back up the EFS folder. This is a mandatory operation for all after gaining root. Basically, this file can become corrupt and if it does you are in big trouble unless you have a copy of it. As soon as you do, you can then breathe easy and enjoy your new-found love.

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