The last stage of Android Kitkat is rolling out to selected Moto X and Moto G Smartphones across the India region starting today, so check your handsets for a notification alerting you when it comes in. The aforementioned is the official OTA, and it will take up to several weeks before it comes to everybody. To check manually navigate to Settings > About phone > Software update and let it perform a search and ping back the results. If you do get the notification automatically and don’t choose to install and download it straight away, you will have to follow the manual steps to install it in the future because it will not pop up twice.

Motorola Moto G

The Moto X is the best smartphone out of the bunch and it is closely followed by the G and lastly E variant. It isn’t often that we see different classes receive software updates at the same time so this is a one-off that Motorola have decided is the best way to go. Likely because soon we get really close to the launch of the new Android L software. There’s no reason to feel hard done by if you are the owners of the Moto X and you paid a lot of money to get better treatment because the Android 4.4.4 is a very small upgrade that only comes with some minor security fixes, and there isn’t any fantastic features to check out at all. You can navigate your way to the Easter Egg and check out the new build number on the screen. The one useful feature you can find is a revamped phone dialer with a better blue color.

Always backup your handsets using the Google account to sync, or backup using the internal memory and external memory options. There are apps available from the Google Play Store such as Helium, that make it easier to store the market apps and sources of data too.

Make sure you have enough battery power left on the smartphone before choosing to install the update so that it doesn’t turn off before the installation finishes. We recommend installing it over the home WiFi, and not using the mobile data because the WiFi connection is stable and costs less. If you go over the mobile data limit you will be subject to extra costs.

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