The Google Play Store offer a tremendous amount of applications that we put to excellent use daily. Dating back to July of this year, an innovative HTC Sense Input keyboard made its first appearance as an app from the Play Store. The app comes with support from the HTC One M7, HTC One M8 and the HTC Desire smartphones. However, those preferring to go down the APK route can download and install the official 6.2.795112 version from this link.

The Input keyboard reduces the annoyance of every day typing by presenting the keys in such a way that they reduce errors by the fingers. Additionally, it comes with the “trace’ feature for the ultimate one-handed typing experience.

We know that the APK’s came out within weeks of the M8 release since many of the applications available were not supported by all devices with a Sense 6 UI. Therefore, users must use the side-loading technique to install them manually until their devices are compatible. A great deal of users were reportedly suffering from some of the Sense 6 files not functioning. You should grasp that in order to have this keyboard operating you want to be running Android KitKat.


Furthermore, the Mountain View company are releasing Android 5.0 Lollipop on the Nexus 6 smartphone in early November according to reports. That means that there’s no newer software version at the present than the chocolate variety. Thus we know it is working for all unless you are running the older OS versions such as jelly bean. You can head to Settings > About Device and check what software version you are using.

Do not install the file on any other smartphone or tablet other than the aforementioned names since they will not work and can problems. You can download Helium to assist backing up the existing applications just in case you need a factory reset and data loss occurs.