The battle between iOS and Android never slows down and it’s one argument you surely wish to avoid to keep your sanity. I’m not ready to say that Android is more superior of Apple’s software platform, but I will say it’s loads more fun thanks to the abundance of customizing one can do with the handsets. Apple has jail-breaking but the problem is they are so difficult to create it takes a long time for any third-party developers to release a tool. And when they do finally come out with the release it’s often with conflict such as the newly released Pangu jailbreak tool which several well-known hackers slam for being incomplete.

With Android though, it’s a different story. Developers are continuously hacking and finding exploits to take advantage of and open up the system internals away from the default factory restrictions put in place by the device manufacturers. Numerous Devs come out with tools that unlock the internal hardware before a smartphone or tablet is released out into the wild. There’s no way you’ll find that over at Apple.

Nexus 4 Lollipop

Don’t think for a second that Google and any manufacturers prefer you finding root access through. We know the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop is clamping down on security measures that make it harder to gain root access. Some people say it’s because of the new 64-bit architecture while others say it’s the Mountain View company wanting better security.

One thing is for sure: Android being made from Open Source software is easy to crack and it doesn’t take long for several different solutions to come available for any one device. Some packages give users a different experience, while others can come with a different custom recovery such as ClockworkMod or Team Win’s TWRP recovery. Furthermore, some prefer to roll with the easiest and quickest method.

Details of Note

  • The RootMe All-In-One toolkit comes with convenience in mind more-so than anything else. It’s also wonderfully simple to use. You don’t need to be an advanced Android user to open the toolkit on your PC monitor and read the descriptive buttons. Often after a simple click you can have what you need. Sometimes the hardest part is uploading the right files. In this case there’s nothing to upload.
  • Moreover, you don’t need the boot-loader unlocked to follow the guide here because the toolkit comes with a dedicated button for unlocking the bootloader before gaining the root access. Whether you have the Google Nexus 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 or 10, they can each gain root access with a new toolkit called RootMe.
  • Root Me works with Windows notebooks, laptops and personal computers. You must run Windows 7 or later with network 4.0 framework. Most people are using Windows 7 since Vista wasn’t popular and Windows XP is no longer under support from Microsoft for updates. You’ll also find many tutorials and files for security no longer available directly from Microsoft. When they say they no longer support an operating system they mean it!
  • You must disable any ad blocker running on your computer before starting or else you cannot download the file. The source link doesn’t make it available unless all ad-blocking software is temporarily disabled.

How to Use RootMe Tool for Every Nexus Device

  1. Download the package from this link.
  2. Extract the folder to the desktop and you will see two ADB files and two rooting .exe files.
  3. Enable USB Debugging Mode on the nexus by navigating to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
  4. Find the USB Cable.
  5. Connect the Nexus to the Windows PC, notebook or laptop.
  6. Double click the colorful rootme.exe file with the nexus logo to the left.
  7. Click the start button after the program detects the device.

That’s all.