Some users just over-customize their phones without realizing that it would cause issues and no good on their phones. For example, installing too many root-requiring apps and using them without knowing what actually they do will put your phone in trouble. However, you can flash back the stock ROM on your device and unroot it. This way, all the custmizations that you have made on your phone will be removed and you will get the complete stock experience on your device.

Here’s how you can unroot your Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

Files You Need

1. Download Stock ROM for your Galaxy S5 Sport to your computer. Make sure you choose the one that is for your device/region.

2. Download Odin to your computer. It’ll be used to flash the ROM on your device.

3. This should erase the data on your device. So make sure to first take a backup of your files and then do the procedure.

Unrooting the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

1. Stock ROM and Odin both come as compressed archives. So, right-click on both of them one by one and select Extract here and you’ll get the actual usable files.

2. Find the Odin executable and double-click on it to launch it.

3. When Odin launches, click on PDA and choose the Stock ROM file that you just extracted from the archive.

4. Ensure that you haven’t checked the Repartition option in the Odin. If it’s already checked, uncheck it.

5. Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options should be checked in Odin.

6. Turn off your phone.

7. Reboot your phone into download mode. You can do that by holding down Volume DOWN+Home+Power buttons at the same time.

8. You’ll get a prompt on your phone. Hit Volume UP and you’ll enter download mode.

9. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.

10. Odin should say Added when you connect your phone to your computer.

11. Hit Start in the Odin and wait for it to finish flashing the ROM on your device.

12. When the ROM is flashed, your phone will automatically reboot.

13. You’re done!

Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport should now boot up into the Stock ROM provided by Samsung itself. Your device is no longer rooted.