Owners of the Samsung Epic 4G Touch commonly rooted their smartphones so they could update to the latest software updates. Since the official updates for Ice Cream Sandwich never came out, many were updating to the Ice Cream Sandwich builds via custom ROMs by third-party developers. If you did the same and would now like to revert back to the stock ROM, you can do that by following the guide below. The guide will automatically unbrick and unroot any Samsung Epic Touch.

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

The Files You Need

  • Download the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS for the Epic 4G Touch smartphone from this page.
  • Download the Odin flashing tool for Windows operating systems from this page. You may use any of the Odin versions on the page. You are best to use one of the older versions, since the device itself is now old.
  • You should only flash this file if you are using the Epic 4G Touch smartphone by Samsung.

Unrooting the Samsung Epic Touch 4G

  1. Unzip the Odin flashing tool that’s made for Windows — if you already have Odin you don’t have to install it a second time. Just run the same version on your computer.
  2. Unzip the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware file. Now drag and drop the file from its folder to the desktop of the computer.
  3. Run the Odin app on the computer.
  4. Long-press the Power button on your Epic smartphone and wait until it completely switches off.
  5. Reboot the Epic 4G Touch in Download Mode by pressing the Volume Down + Power + Home buttons at the same time and continue pressing them until you see the warning screen.
  6. Once you see the warning screen, let go of the buttons.
  7. Press the Volume Up button once now and you will get past the warning screen and in the download mode.
  8. Connect the Epic 4G Touch to the computer using the same USB cable you use for backing up.
  9. Click the PDA button if you are using an older version of the Odin app, or the AP button if you went with one of the newer versions.
  10. Click the Start button and wait for Odin to flash that Jelly Bean stock ROM to your device.
  11. When you see the pass message on the display, you can disconnect from the computer.
  12. Your Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch is now unrooted. I hope you enjoy the stock ROM back on your device.

Be sure to verify that it is unrooted by installing the root checker app.

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