There are many reasons why you might want to unroot your Android. One reason that is often overlooked is the added security advantages your device gets without root access.

If you are somebody has has banking apps, uses a great deal of money, and isn’t very malware-wise, you might want to rethink having root access. With a normal locked Android device (without root) the apps are isolated and cannot snoop on each other. With root access, it is possible for an app to access other apps data. Since malware is commonly found in apps, that’s one way you might get data stolen.


The Files You Need

  • Download the LG G4 US Cellular stock ROM from this page.
  • Download the Flash Tool from this page.
  • These are the steps to unroot the US Cellular LG G4 with model number US991.
  • You can only use this guide with a Windows PC. The Flash Tool will not load on a different operating system like Max or Linux.

Unrooting the LG G4 US Cellular

  1. Unzip the Flash tool on the computer desktop so you can use it to flash the firmware.
  2. Unzip the G4 US Cellular stock ROM.
  3. Click and drag the stock ROM file from its folder over to the desktop.
  4. Long-press the Power key on the G4 until you know it’s definitely turned off.
  5. Reboot it in download mode by pressing the Volume Up key when connecting it to the computer with the USB cable.
  6. Your device should now be in the download mode and ready to flash the stock ROM with the Flash Tool.
  7. Click the button that says ‘Select Type’ and choose GSM from the menu.
  8. Click the PhoneMode box and select ‘DIAG’.
  9. Click the KDZ File and upload the stock ROM from the desktop.
  10. Click the CSE Flash button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  11. Click the Start button, followed by the ‘OK’ button.
  12. Don’t worry about filling in the country to region, the ROM will flash to your device.
  13. Reboot the smartphone once it’s complete. Now your LG G4 is running with the stock ROM just like it was out of the box.

Download one of the root checker apps available from the Google Play Store. The root checker app will check that you no longer have the root access. That’s handy to check it worked before sending it away under warranty.