I’ve always viewed Google+ as more of a facebook-style social media system rather than twitter. With the tweets, it is sorted in a feed, and there isn’t much more to it than that whereas Mark Zuckerberg website is a lot more personal and in-depth.

I was never a huge fan of the new network made by the Mountain View company, but it does have some good traits like hangouts where friends can hangout and video chat. Along similar lines, the Sparks feature works by categorizing the content that users can put together on one feed that is easily accessible to share with friends and look at together ina group or “circle”.

If you are looking to find out where is Sparks in Google, or how to set it up we will now show you how.

 Setting Up The Sparks Feature On Social Media Site Google+

1. Head over to the home page and look underneath your circles as Google calls them. Here you will see the word Sparks. Go ahead and click it.

2. Now Google will present you with the option of choosing your own words or choosing from the pre-done list Google has created.

3. After you have chosen the keyword simply press enter to go ahead with the command. Now it will show you a list of stories that have the keyword that you want to look at when logged on next time.

That’s all there is to it. You can choose as many as you want. Choosing too many will have its obvious implications of your wall getting cluttered, but it is up to you. Choose all of the ‘Sparks’ you want to see news for each time.

These keywords will now be saved to your profile. If you wish to view them in the future go back to the home page and on the left you will see the topics of Sparks. It will give you an idea of what was around at the time. If you choose to read more about a particular topic, simply click on it and find out more about it.

Many people find Sparks confusing. However, it is fairly straightforward. Its intent is to give you coverage of things that you are interested in whenever you are viewing content. Like when you like a page on Facebook, only Sparks is arguably better in that you get a direct result of what you want rather than relying on other pages on the website to give you specific needs.

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