Rooting the Symphony Xplorer W72 means you can install many more applications on your smartphones. There are at least a hundred new applications for you to install on your device once you are done with this guide. You can install applications like the Pimp My Rom app, Samba FileSharing For Android, BusyBox Installer, DataSync, Screen Standby, LBE Privacy Guard, GMD GestureControl Lite and the Market Helper app.

Symphony Xplorer W72

Files You Need

  1. Download the latest version of the Framaroot application directly to your computer.
  2. You are voiding the Symphony Xplorer W72 warranty by following this guide. You can unroot the device using the same Framaroot one-click rooting tool and get that warranty working again.

Rooting the Symphony Xplorer W72

  1. Make sure you have the Unknown Sources enabled on your Xplorer W72 by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the Framaroot app from the link above directly to your computer and move it over to the desktop. Those of you with a Windows computer will find it in the Downloads folder by default. Open that Downloads folder unless you have changed the default location of for the files you download. Now just click and drag the Framaroot application over to the desktop.
  3. Connect the Symphony Xplorer W72 to the computer using the USB cable you normally use for charging the battery.
  4. Transfer the Framaroot APK over to the root of your Xplorer W72 SD card. The root of the SD card means you should keep the file at the topmost folder and not hide it in one of the sub folders. Sometimes the files are not visible to install if they are hidden in a sub folder.
  5. Unplug your W72 device from the computer once you have the app on your SD card.
  6. Launch any File Manager on your W72 device and install that Framaroot APK on your device. Those of you who do not know what a File manager is can browse the Google Play Store for one of them. It doesn’t matter what File manager you choose to install. You can even find many open source File managers available for free.
  7. Tap and open the Framaroot application that is now available on your W72 app drawer — the same place you find new apps after they finish downloading.
  8. Tap the Boromir option from the menu and that Boromir exploit will root your Symphony device.
  9. Wait until you can see the Exploit Results screen and the success message before exiting the app and rebooting your Xplorer W72 device manually.
  10. Once the W72 device is rooted, you can open the Google Play Store application and download the root checker app.

The root checker app will confirm that root access is granted on your device and you are ready to install the apps. Start browsing the Play Store and other third-party sources for your new rooted apps you have been waiting for!

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