Rooting is one of the first steps to take if you want to modify your Sony device. Usually the first step people take when choosing to start customizing a device is unlocking the bootloader.

From there, they often root the device and then install a custom recovery. You must have a custom recovery to start flashing new custom ROMs. In essence, it’s the root access that lets you install new apps that allows you to modify your device and it’s the custom recovery that lets you change the ROM so the device has new features and a new appearance.

Sony Xperia V

Files You Need

  1. Download the Towelroot application from the website here:
  2. The following guide works for the Sony Xperia V if you are running Android KitKat with a kernel version dated before June 3 2014. All new kernels after that date came with a patch for this exploit. That means all you need to do is downgrade your operating system to a version of KitKat that works. You can do that by flashing the older KitKat firmware file using the flash tool.
  3. You are voiding the Sony Xperia V warranty by following this guide. You can unroot the device by flashing a stock ROM and the warranty will work again.

Rooting the Sony Xperia V

  1. Check your Xperia V device has the Unknown Sources option checked by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  2. Now open any web browser that you surf the web with on your smartphone and enter the Towelroot web address you can find available in the files section above.
  3. Tap on the large red symbol that is available in the middle of the Towelroot homepage — we call this the Lambda.
  4. The Lambda will now download the Towelroot app on your device. Follow the on-screen instructions until you have Towelroot open.
  5. Tap the “Make it Ra1n” button.
  6. The Towelroot application is now rooting your Sony Xperia V handset.
  7. Soon you will see the “you should have root, no reboot required” message.
  8. Open the Google Play Store app on the device and browse for the SuperSU application made by Chainfire.
  9. Follow the guidelines to get that SuperSU working on your device. If it prompts you to update the SU binary, go ahead and agree to that.
  10. Open the Google Play Store app one last time and install the basic root checker app.
  11. Open the app from your app drawer and follow the guidelines to check for root on your device.

Now you have rooted the Sony Xperia V smartphones and can start installing new root-requiring apps safely thanks to your new SuperSU app.