One of the best rooted apps for your Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 is the Orange Backup app. The Orange backup application lets you backup your device online and it’s a full backup — something you cannot usually have unless you install a custom recovery. You might already know a custom recovery such as TWRP or CWM that comes with a NANDroid backup feature. Not all people want to install a custom recovery just to have that NANDroid feature, though. And with the Orange Backup app, you do not have to either.

Samsung Galaxy Trend

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Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 SCH-I739

  1. Turn on the Unknown Sources for your Trend 2 handset by pointing to the Menu > Settings > Unknown Sources.
  2. Open Google Chrome browser on your Galaxy Trend 2 and type the domain name in so that webpage loads.
  3. Scroll down the page until you can see the red Lambda symbol.
  4. Tap on the red Lambda and it will download the Towelroot app to your device.
  5. Save the tr.apk file to your Galaxy Trend handset.
  6. Agree to install the app and then open the app by following the prompts on your display.
  7. Once you have the app open, tap the Make it Ra1n button.
  8. Your Galaxy Trend 2 is now getting rooted and soon it will give you the message on the display to let you know it is finished. There is no need to reboot your device using this tool.
  9. Open the Google Play Store and search for the SuperSU app by Chainfire. It’s important you install the SuperSU app because Towelroot does not automatically put the SuperSU on your device. Once you have the SuperSU installed, you should see it from your app drawer. The SuperSU will stop every app from automatically having root access on your device and it will ask you to grant the rooting permissions to the apps you trust. Therefore, make sure you know the app and the app name before granting it root access or else you might be allowing malware on to your device.
  10. Open the Google Play Store again and install the root checker app. Open the root checker app from your app drawer and follow the prompts to checking if your Samsung Galaxy trend 2 does have the root access you are wanting.

Now you are ready to start installing those root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store like the Orange Backup app.

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