If you want to explore the world of custom ROM on your Samsung tablet, you need a custom recovery installed. If you want to use any of the root-requiring apps from the Google Play Store, you need root access first. The following guide teaches you how to get that root access so you can use the apps. Once the guide is done, you can follow the next guide through to learn how to install a custom recovery (CWM recovery) on your Sammy tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

The Files You Need

  • Download the rooting files you need from this link.
  • Download the Odin flashing tool you need from this link.
  • These are the steps to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 tablets. You can only follow this guide using a Windows PC. The guide does not work if you are running Mac OS X or Linux.
  • You are voiding the warranty by following the guide. You can flash a stock ROM back on your device using the Odin tool and the warranty will work again so long as you do not have Knox security.

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110

  1. Start with the Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 completely turned off. You may do that one of two ways: long-press the Power key until it’s off by quickly press the Power key and then choose the Power off options on the display.
  2. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 in download mode.
  3. Once you have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in download mode, find the USB cable and connect one end to the device and the other to the PC.
  4. Run the Odin flashing tool. You must unzip and extract it on the computer before you can run the program.
  5. Click the PDA button found in Odin and browse the desktop for the rooting file. Those of you who do not see any PDA button will have the AP button. It’s the same thing, just found in different versions of the Odin app. What you see will depend on the version of Odin you downloaded earlier.
  6. Click the Start button and Odin will flash your device with the rooting package. Once it’s done your device should reboot and you are ready to take control of your Google account once again.
  7. Now you can learn how to install a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 GT-P3110 tablets.
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