If you are looking to root the Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos, you have come to the right place. Once you have the desired rooting permissions, you can install more root-requiring apps from Google Play, increase the performance of the handset by overclocking, increase the battery performance, remove bloatware from stock apps and more. Moreover, if you chose to install a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM recovery, you can start installing custom ROMs. The custom ROMs completely change what you see on the device’s display, and will take you away from the stock features you can with every other Android user. Always read reviews on the custom ROMs you install before installing them. They are made by various third-party developers, and some are more skilled than others.

When you take the Samsung device out of the box, you are only playing within the boundaries the manufacturer has already set up for you. Sure, you can adjust some Settings, but the amount of tweaks available remains limited because it’s been locked by the OEM. Following the guide below means you will have root access to the internal system; thus taking any all restrictions. Only follow this guide if you are an advanced Android user.

Samsung Galaxy Star Plus

The Files You Need:

The following tutorial is only made for the GT-S7262 smartphone. Do not follow the guide if you have a different model number. Check the model number by navigating to the Settings > About Device menu. You’ll see it on the screen here.

Rooting The Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos GT-S7262

  1. Unzip the rooting file and the Odin tool.
  2. Run the Odin tool by double-clicking the program after unzipping the file.
  3. The other rooting file has a few files inside. two of those will be useful to us today. make sure you keep the recovery file and the SuperSU file.
  4. Start by navigating to the Settings > Developer Options > check the box for USB Debugging Mode. Now you have enabled the USB Debugging Mode. Those who cannot see any Developer Options menu from the Settings, must unlock it first. Do that by heading to the Settings > About Device > tap the firmware build number seven times or until it’s unlocked. Now you’ll see the Developer Options menu from the Settings.
  5. Turn the Samsung Galaxy Star smartphone off all the way by holding the Power button in for ten seconds.
  6. Reboot the Galaxy Star smartphone holding the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time. You might need to press the Volume Up button to reach download mode like some Samsung devices.
  7. Now connect the Galaxy Star to the computer using the USB cable you use for charging.
  8. Transfer the SuperSU file to the internal storage SD card. We’ll use that after we take care of the recovery.
  9. You should notice the ID: COM port change color in Odin if the drivers are working. reboot the computer or download the drivers if you don’t see the ID: COM port light up.
  10. Click the PDA or AP button in Odin and upload the recovery file from the rooting file. Remember, you must unzip the rooting file before you see the recovery file.
  11. Leave the default settings in Odin. Make sure the re-partition box is left empty.
  12. Click the Start button in Odin and it will flash that recovery (custom recovery) to your Samsung galaxy Star smartphone.
  13. Unplug from the computer when Odin says “pass” on the display. Your handset should reboot automatically.
  14. Completely power off the smartphone again by holding in the Power button for ten seconds.
  15. Reboot into the custom recovery: Volume Up + Home + Power together until you see the recovery mode on the smartphone.
  16. Navigate to the “install zip from SD card” option from the recovery menu and browse the internal storage SD card for the SuperSU file you transferred earlier.
  17. Install the SuperSU and you’ll have the root access.

Head back to the main recovery menu and select the “reboot system’ option and you are ready to use your device with a custom recovery and root access completed. Since you have the root access, you can install the root-only apps from Google Play. Furthermore, since you have the custom recovery installed, you can take NANDroid backups and then install custom ROMs.

If you are experiencing any soft-brick symptoms such as getting stuck in a boot loop, or you don’t want the root access anymore, you can learn How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Duos GT-S7262.