In case you didn’t already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with model number N910F has a new Android 5.1.1 Lollipop software update available for users to install over the air. If the owners of the said device already had root access, you should flash that software update manually using Odin to run the latest stock ROM. Those of you running a stock ROM already can update over the air and then use this guide to get root access.

Samsung smartphones and tablets come with Knox security. Following the guide after the jump does void the warranty. Furthermore, unrooting the device might not be enough to get that warranty working again.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

You should have a custom recovery installed before starting the rooting guide for Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. take a NANDroid backup from the custom recovery. That way, if you want to apply a master reset, you can restore the data.

The Files You Need

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

  1. Download the SuperSU rooting file and the custom kernel to the desktop of any Windows PC.
  2. Not not unzip the files this time.
  3. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the computer.
  4. Transfer the rooting files to the internal storage SD card.
  5. Make sure that you don’t hide the files in any sub folder or else you will not find them later when uploading them from the custom recovery,
  6. Starting with the Note 4 completely off, reboot it to the custom recovery mode. Press the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons to boot into the custom recovery.
  7. Once you are in the custom recovery (TWRP), find the “Install’ option from the menu.
  8. Browse the internal SD card for the custom kernel you uploaded earlier.
  9. Install the custom kernel.
  10. Browse the SD card one more time, for the SuperSU file.
  11. Confirm to install the SuperSU.
  12. Your device now has the root access. All you need to do now is navigate back to the main custom recovery menu and choose the reboot system now option.

That’s all you needed to do. You should now have a custom recovery and root access on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F. You might want to check it is working by installing the root checker app from the Google Play Store.