What differentiates a rooted Oppo R7 from an unrooted one is the capability of customizations. The former one has got more customization options than the latter one, and the reason is obvious: it has got root which has removed all the customization restrictions from it.

Root removes any limitations from your phone and allows you to customize it whatever way you want. Once rooted, you can remove system apps, install root-requiring apps, change your boot-animation, and do literally everything that you’ve always wanted to do on your phone. Your imagination is your limit!

Oppo R7

So, here’s how you can go about rooting your Oppo R7:

Files You Need

  1. You don’t actually need a computer to do this tutorial as the root app can directly be downloaded and installed on the phone. However, the tutorial includes steps for a computer as well.
  2. Download KingRoot app to your computer. It is the app that you’re going to be using to root your phone.
  3. Please backup anything that you feel is important on your phone.

Rooting the Oppo R7

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your phone is in data transfer mode.
  2. Copy KingRoot from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your phone. Place it on the root folder so you can easily find it at a later time.
  3. Disconnect your phone from your computer when KingRoot is copied.
  4. Head to Menu->Settings->Security on your phone and turn on Unknown sources. What this option does is let you install apps from outside the Google Play store on your phone.
  5. Open File Manager and tap on KingRoot to install the app on your phone.
  6. Follow the steps for installing the app on your phone.
  7. When the app’s installed, launch it from your app drawer.
  8. Tap on Root in the app and wait for it to root your phone.
  9. When it’s done rooting, reboot your phone.
  10. You’re all set!

Your Oppo R7 is now rooted and you can confirm the proper root-access using Root Checker on your phone.

If you’d like to flash a custom ROM on your phone, you’d need a custom recovery. Please follow our how to install a custom recovery on the Oppo R7 tutorial to flash a custom recovery on your phone. Once that is done, you should be able to enjoy your favourite custom ROMs on your phone!

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