The Nokia X. One of the most anticipated devices of days past. For a very long time people were clamoring for a Nokia phone running Android, and with the X they got exactly that. It’s a nice device, although it’s a little lacking. Rooting is the best way to change the system internals away from the factory restrictions. After we unchain the hardware we can remove the bloatware. Examples of bloatware include the native applications that come from the manufacturer. They are installed over the top of the stock version of Android. While they are great for making money for the manufacturer, they do nothing but slow the device down; thus taking away from the performance.

It runs an extremely incomplete and Google-less version of Android. Complete with Nokia’s own app store and everyone’s “favorite” Microsoft alternatives to famous Google apps. That’s where rooting comes in.

Nokia X

The Nokia X comes with a built-in backup feature. You can use the feature as you would any other phone to store the data to the internal storage. Access the chance from the Settings menu. Furthermore, if you don’t want to back up the data using that feature, you can install third-party applications from the Google Play store. Examples of applications are Helium for Android, G Cloud, Easy backup and Titanium.

Details of Note

  • You can only use the Titanium option after you have opening up the system internals with root access. It makes a great change-up from taking a Nandroid backup. Both options are fantastic for storing the settings, WiFi passwords, phone contacts, SMS texts, pictures music and video files.
  • Stopover at the Developer Options menu and enable the USB Debugging Mode. You’ll find that mode coming directly from the Settings.
  • The following is an unofficial operation which is applied to the internal system. It is not recommended by Google and it does void any warranty you have remaining on the device. You can flash official firmware files manually and revoke the rooting privileges. It returns the device back the way it was out of the box, or on the current firmware version of the file which you flashed.
  • You should use a computer for transferring the file during the guide. Installing the files directly to the phone can harm the device. The safest way is to download the rooting file to the computer, transfer the file to the phone and use a file manager to upload the file so it’s working.
  • make sure you have the Nokia USB drivers working on the computer for the smartphone. if you aren’t connecting to the computer successfully, try downloading them again from a different source. Now turn the computer off, connect the phone after it loads and try using it once more. It should be working now with the new drivers.
  • Temporarily disable any security programs you have running on the computer. Do the same for the Android antivirus.

How to root the Nokia X running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

  1. Rooting the Nokia X requires a special app to be side-loaded. You can’t side-load an app without enabling unknown sources. So how do you enable it? Well, all you need to do is make your way to the security section of the settings area.
  2. Once unknown sources are enabled, you can download the app that is needed to root your Nokia X. You can download it here.
    -please note, you might need to install a file manager from your app store to start the installation.
  3. When you’ve got it downloaded, locate Framaroot with your file manager and install the same.
  4. When it’s installed, go to your app drawer and launch it. After that, select the “Install SuperSU” option. It will install an app needed for root permissions.
  5. Now that SuperSU is installed, you’ll need to run the exploit to complete the root.
  6. Look for “Gandalf” and click on it. This will start the rooting. Please be patient, this might take a while.
  7. If the root was successful, your Nokia X will reboot.
  8. That’s it! You can install and run any root application with ease. Enjoy!
  9. Download the “root check” application and verify it’s working.


The Nokia X is an interesting phone. Unfortunately, it has some major shortcomings. For starters, there’s no Google Play store or Google services. That kind of stinks. This is why I’m overjoyed that you can bring root to the X. Rooting opens the door for custom ROMs (with Google stuff packed in).