Rooting the Micromax Canvas 2 Plus device is granting apps extra permission to your root file system. There are many applications on the Google Play Store waiting for that access to work like the Device Control app. Once you install the Device Control app on your device, you can take control of the handset in ways in which you could only dream of before.

Micromax Canvas 2 Plus

Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting exploit from this page.
  2. Download the universal ADB drivers from this page.
  3. These steps to root the Micromax Canvas 2 do void any warranty agreements. You can unroot the same device and that warranty will resume working.
  4. The universal ADB drivers are only made for a Windows PC running a Windows operating system.

Rooting the Micromax Canvas 2 Plus

  1. Download the Canvas 2 rooting exploit to the computer.
  2. Since this is a Windows PC, that default location will be the Downloads folder.
  3. Open the Downloads folder and browse through your files until you see the root exploit.
  4. Click and drag that same rooting exploit over to the desktop.
  5. Right-click over the file and select the “extract here” option.
  6. Make sure you have the USB Debugging Mode enabled on your device. First, check if you have the Developer Options enabled (you should see it from the Settings). If not, head to the Menu > Settings > About Device > tap the build number 7 times until it says you are now a developer.
  7. Now to enable the USB Debugging Mode you must head to the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > check the box for the USB Debugging Mode.
  8. Connect your Micromax Canvas 2 device to the computer with the USB cable.
  9. Double-click over the RunMe.bat file you have on the desktop.
  10. Follow the rest of the on-screen commands issued by the program and you’re done.

Download the root checker app after you finish to check that you do have the root access you are after. Your device might need a reboot to get that working.

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