Users can root the LG Optimus G Pro 2 using the Towelroot one-click rooting tool made by Geohot if the kernel version on the device is before June 3 2014. Every Android software update that was released after the date of June 3 2014 came with a patch for this large security exploit found by Geohot. The exploit was such large news around the world that even some of the largest websites in the world were reporting on the story. The front pages of Google are home to many news articles referring to the Towelroot exploit.

Since the exploit found by Geohot was so huge, it forced Android developers to act fast and fast they did act. The Towelroot exploit was only found not long before the eventual patch was released on the 3rd of June.

LG Optimus G Pro 2

Files You Need

  1. During the guide, point your web browser to here: when we tell you to do so.
  2. The Towelroot one-click rooting tool patch came on the 3rd of June 2014. That means your device must be running a kernel before the 3rd of June 2014. If the Towelroot app does not root your G pro 2 device, downgrade to an earlier version of KitKat stock ROM/firmware on your device and try again. Eventually you will find a stock ROM that was made before the June 3 date.
  3. You are voiding the warranty if you successfully root your device with the Towelroot application. You can flash the G Pro 2 stock ROM back on the device and the root access will disappear. That brings back your LG warranty at the same time.

Rooting the LG Optimus G Pro 2

  1. On your G Pro 2 device, navigate to the Settings menu and scroll down the page until you can see the Security option.
  2. Tap the Security and scroll down until you see the Unknown Sources option.
  3. Tap the “OK” box for the Unknown Sources to confirm you want to enable that option for your device.
  4. Now open up a web browser on your device — it can be any browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  5. Type the web address you can see in the files section above ( and hit enter so the page loads.
  6. Once the homepage loads for Towelroot, tap the red large symbol in the middle we know as the Lambda icon.
  7. The lambda icon will make the screen flicker for a few seconds after you tap the button.
  8. Look for the notification at the bottom of the display and tape the “OK” button to install the Towelroot file on your device.
  9. Wait for the file to finish downloading and tap your finger over the file when it is done.
  10. Tap on the “Install‘ option.
  11. Wait until you can see the green tick in the top left corner of the G Pro 2 display, along with the “app installed” message.
  12. Tap the “Open” option on the bottom of the display.
  13. Now just tap your finger over the ” “Make it Ra1n” button and the Towelroot tool will certainly do just that on your device as we speak.
  14. Wait until you see the message “you should have root, no reboot required” on the display.
  15. That’s all you need to root the LG G pro 2 with the Towelroot application. However, we need to secure your device with added security before you leave.
  16. Go back to your home screen or where you have the Google Play app icon on your device and tap to open the Play Store.
  17. Browse for the SuperSU application.
  18. The Play Store will ping you two results if you are viewing this page around the same time as us writing this post. Tap the Chainfire option and not the ClockworkMod option. Both should work, but we tapped the Chainfire option so that will give you more accurate instructions to follow.
  19. Agree to the prompts if it asks you to update the SU binary.
  20. The next message will be about how to update the SU binary. Those of you with no custom recovery installed yet should click the “normal” option on the left side of the display.
  21. Samsung devices owners can choose to disable Knox with the Superuser at this point. That does not concern you LG owners.
  22. Continue until the SuperSU app is installed.
  23. Now you have installed the SuperSU app on your device. The LG Optimus G Pro 2 is now secure and not prone to malware attacks. Each app will prompt that SuperSU for root access when it wants access. Read what the apps is before granting any permissions. This is how you get malware on your device if you allow access to fake apps.
  24. Open the Google Play Store once again and this time install the Root Checker application. Install the basic root checker to keep following our guide, but you can install any version.
  25. Open the root checker and click the “Grant” button when it prompts you about a Superuser request.
  26. The screen on your G Pro 2 device will now change and it should give you a “congratulations!” message in green text if it was successful.
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