These are the steps to root the LG G4 Beat smartphone using a simple one click rooting solution from your Windows computer.

LG G4 Beat

Files You Need

  • Download the one click rooting script for your G4 Beat smartphone from this page.
  • Download the universal ADB Driver from Koush on this page.
  • You are choosing to void the LG warranty when you apply this rooting method over the G4 Beat smartphone. You need to flash a stock G4 Beat ROM back on the device if you want to get the warranty working again. The one click rooting script does not come with a unroot option directly from the program.

Rooting the LG G4 Beat

  1. You can only follow this guide if you have a Windows PC. Turn on your Windows PC to get things started.
  2. Turn on the USB Debugging Mode on your G4 Beat smartphone by tapping on the Menu > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging Mode.
  3. Download the G4 Beat rooting package from the link above and extract the package on your desktop.
  4. Right-click over the Beat’s rooting file and choose the “extract here” option to have the file extracted on the desktop.
  5. Double-click over the bat file you can see from inside the folder you just extracted. The rooting program will open on the desktop.
  6. Connect the G4 beat to the computer with the USB cable.
  7. Follow the on-screen commands from the rooting program on the desktop to finish rooting your device.
  8. Close down the program and reboot your Beat smartphone before you start installing your root-requiring applications.
  9. Open your Google Play Store application and browse for the basic root checker app to check if your device did get root access for free. Open the root checker app from your app drawer and agree to update the binary or grant the Superuser access if that’s what it asks from your device.
  10. All of the apps you could not install before you can install now, such as the Titanium Backup app, the Greenify app and the BBQ Screen app. There are tons more awaiting for your device.

The LG G4 Beat might even have some custom ROMs available since it is a trimmed down version of the original and popular LG G4 smartphone. Many custom ROMs available for devices running Android require you to have a rooted device. You’ll also need to have a custom recovery installed on the device too.