Without doubt one of the best apps available for your rooted Huawei S mate device is the Screen Standby application. Have you ever wanted to continue a YouTube video playing after the screen starts sleeping? It’s really useful if you are listening to an audio book and you cannot be bothered adjusting the settings so your screen stays on. The Screen Standby app available for rooted Huawei S Mate users can allow your apps like YouTube to keep playing when the screen if off.

All you need to do to install the Screen Standby app is complete the steps to root the Huawei S Mate below.

Huawei Mate S

Files You Need

  1. Download the rooting file you need from here.
  2. You must have a custom recovery installed on the Huawei S Mate before you can root the device.

Rooting the Huawei S Mate

  1. Download the SuperSU file from the files section above directly to your computer.
  2. Connect the Huawei S Mate device to the computer using the USB cable.
  3. Transfer the SuperSU over to the root of the SD card internal storage of your Huawei device. The root of the SD card means that you must keep it at the topmost folder. Do not hide the SuperSU file in one of the sub folder or you will not find it later.
  4. Unplug the S Mate from the computer once you are happy the SuperSU is on the internal memory SD card of your device.
  5. Reboot the Huawei S mate up in the custom recovery mode.
  6. Tap your finger over the ‘Install’ option from the recovery menu.
  7. Choose the option to browse the SD card and upload the SuperSU package you added earlier.
  8. Confirm you want to install that SuperSU package using the option on the display.
  9. Once that SuperSU is flashed, head back to the main recovery menu and choose the option to reboot the system.

Now your Huawei S mate will reboot back into the normal mode and you can open the Google Play Store to start installing your root-requiring apps like the Screen Standby application we mentioned earlier.

The SuperSU in this guide doesn’t adjust your OS at all. All it does is install and enable the SuperSU on your device so you can allow root permissions to apps when they ask for it. It keeps your Android OS as close to stock as possible and works in much the same manner as the CF-Root tool by Chainfire.