There are plenty of normal apps available in the Google Play Store these days that could make you think there isn’t much point getting root access to your HKC Q79 3G device any more. However, that thinking would be incorrect. Still to this day, some of the better applications out there for your HKX handset are going to require root access. The reason for that is simple: often the apps that do the most things require access to the root file system and logically that makes sense.

One app that is available for rooted users is the Children Tracker application. The Children Tracker app is amazing if you are a parent — albeit an overprotective one. While your kids will hate us for telling you this, the Children Tracker app is like having your own helicopter in the sky. And guess what? You must root the HKC Q79 3G before you can use the app.

HKC Q79 3

Files You Need

  1. Download the Framaroot APK file to your computer from this page.
  2. You do not need any USB Drivers for this guide since all you are doing is transferring the Framaroot application over to your SD card from the computer.
  3. You do void the HKC warranty by applying these steps to root your device. You can unroot the handset later using the same Framaroot application. Once you have unrooted the HKC smartphone, you can send it away under a warranty again.

Rooting the HKC Q79 3G

  1. Shift the Framaroot application over to your desktop.
  2. Double-check you have the Unknown Sources option checked by navigating to the Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  3. Connect the HKC Q79 3G device to the computer with the USB cable.
  4. Copy the Framaroot APK file over to the root of the SD card internal storage.
  5. Unplug the device from the computer once you have the file on the SD card.
  6. Launch any File Manager on your device and install the APK so it turns into an application.
  7. Head directly to the devices app drawer and tap your finger over the Framaroot application.
  8. Choose the Boromir option to root your device.
  9. The Boromir exploit will now take over your devices internal system and start rooting the handset.
  10. When you know it is complete, leave the Framaroot application and manually reboot the device.
  11. Now you are ready to sign in to your Google Play Store account and start installing the root-requiring apps like the Children Tracker app.

That’s all.

Before installing any rooted apps, you might want to double-check the guide did work by installing the root checker app.