There are many new smartphones coming under the Android One branding these days, one of which is the cool Google Roar A50 by Symphony. For a budget smartphone, you’ll be pleased to know the latest OTA software update already has it running Android 5.1 Lollipop. As amazing as Lollipop is with Android Beam, Android RunTime (ART), Material Design and more, nothing comes close to opening the system internals with root access.

It’s then you can tinker with the operating systems and install a custom ROM to better suit your needs. Those not fussed about custom ROMs can still have fun with root-requiring applications from Google Play and other third-party sources.

Google Road A50.

We are using a new tool called Kingroot today, which is made by some third-party Chinese developers. They claim that it roots every Android device. While that’s more marketing techniques than truth, it does gain rooting rights to well over a hundred devices.

The best part about the Kingroot app is that you will never brick down your device. After installing the Kingroot APK, you can test to see if your device is compatible. After it gives you the all clear to press the rooting button, you will then attempt to gain the root. As you can see, this takes away any chance of bricking because you can easily see whether to go ahead with the guide or not.

Furthermore, future software updates are always patching exploits. We cannot say the Kingroot exploit here won’t be patched by Google and Android in future, but we can say that you can see on the display if your current software version is supported or not.

Do not continue unless you have backed up the current Symphony data on your device using the built-in backup option or an app from Google Play. Helium for Android is still really popular for folks without any backing up applications.

The app works for those running up to Android 5.1 Lollipop. You might need to find a new rooting method for Android M and future software updates. However, anything from Android 5.1 Lollipop and hopefully all of Lollipop is working successfully with this guide.

How to root the Symphony Google Roar A50 running Android 5.1

  1. Download the Kingroot app from here.
  2. Open the Kingroot application available from the app drawer.
  3. Once it is agreed your device is supported, tap the “Try To Root” button.
  4. The rooting process can take a few minutes, so be patient until it gives you the results.
  5. You’ll notice the helpful progress bar in blue on the smartphone display and it’s opening the internal hardware.
  6. Eventually, you’ll see the “Root Successful” words with a green tick next to them.
  7. Now you are free to enjoy your root-only applications that are available to install to tweak the performance and add new features.

You can download the root checker app from Google Play if you still want further proof that it worked just like the other rooting methods. Those who want to learn more can read up on the things you can get done with a rooted Android.

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