The Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone is an excellent device, and it gets even better when you root it and install the Flashify app. Not everyone will want to make use of the Flashify app, but those who plan on doing as the name suggests and flashing with those new-found rooting permissions will love what the Flashify application offers. The Flashify app is all you need to flash new boot images, as well as any new recoveries you might want to install. A custom recovery is essential to being able to flash new ROMs, and the Flashify app gives you the chance to install TWRP Recovery, ClockworkMod Recovery, Philz Recovery and even a stock recovery for when you want to return the device how it was before you started playing with the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone. Once you have the custom recovery installed, you can still use the Flashify app to apply commands like Install zips, wipe the cache, wipe the Dalvik (cache still), wipe the data, backup and restore the backups you took.

The firmware build number for the DoCoMo Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone in this guide is MMB29K.SC05GOMU1BPC2 and it is given to using by Chainfire as an indicator as to what build he used for the rooting to work. It does not mean you need to flash the same MMB29K.SC05GOMU1BPC2 firmware on your smartphone was before you start the guide. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 DoCoMo will get rooted no matter the firmware so long as it has the SC-05G model number and is running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. We do not guarantee this works for anyone using a software version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Files You Need

  • Download the new CF-Auto-Root tool by Chainfire for the Galaxy S6 DoCoMo with model number SC-05G from here.
  • Download the Samsung USB Drivers for your Samsung Galaxy S6 DoCoMo handset on the computer from here.

There will be times when new firmware updates arriving for the Samsung Galaxy S6 DoCoMo smartphone and often those new firmware updates can bring about new bootloaders with them. A new bootloader is often associated with a large Android update. When a new bootloader comes, Chainfire relies on people who root to submit the new recovery image file to the official XDA-Developers forum because he will then see the message and apply the updates in his end to the rooting package. Those updates are automatically reflected in our guides because we link directly to Chainfire repository page where the updates are made. It should only take a few days for someone to submit the new recovery image when they are required for the rooting guide to start working again.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 SC-05G running the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow updates

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the DoCoMo Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone before you follow the rest of the guide.
  2. Install the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer before you start playing with the rooting and flashing tool files.
  3. Extract the CF-Auto-Root package for the DoCoMo S6 smartphone to the desktop of the computer.
  4. Double-click on the Odin flashing tool’s executable file that is now on the desktop and wait for the Odin user interface to open on the computer.
  5. Press the Power button on your DoCoMo S6 smartphone and tap on the Power Off button to turn it off completely.
  6. Hold the hardware key combination for the download mode and boot your device into the said mode before connecting it to the computer with the USB cable.
  7. Click the AP button from the Odin user interface and browse the desktop for the rooting tar.md5 file.
  8. Do not change any of the default settings you get from the Odin application user interface.
  9. Click the Start button when you are ready for the flashing to begin and then turn your attention to the display of your smartphone.
  10. Wait until you can see some text on the screen of your smartphone from the rooting app letting you know that it is now installing the SuperSU, clearing the cache and then reflashing the stock recovery to your smartphone.
  11. Once you see those messages, quickly look up at the computer and you should see a green box appearing that gives you a pass message inside that box.

In conclusion, that is how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 DoCoMo smartphone with the SC-05G model number running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by using a newer version of the CF-Auto-Root tool that has been maintained by developer Chainfire to work for the Android 6.0.1 updates. You can check everything works by installing the basic root checker app — a free root checker app that is available to install from the Google Play Store.

Anyone in need of some troubleshooting tips can try installing another version of the Odin flashing application and making sure the smartphone did get into the recovery mode it needs to work. The developer says that each device must get into the recovery mode for the rooting to have worked; however, you do not need to rely on the device automatically booting into the recovery mode. You can press and hold the hardware button combination for the recovery mode instead after the flashing is completed.

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