When you are rooting your device you will need to enter recovery mode. Why is that? Well, though recovery is where you can install the custom updates and rooting is a customization. Recovery is also good for other things too, such as wiping of the cache and data which you will also need to perform when rooting the tablet.

Firstly, note there is two types of recovery modes. One recovery mode comes with your device as stock, and the other is a custom recovery, which allows you to root your devices. The good news is you only have to do this mumbo jumbo once, so I’m going to take you through it as simply as possible.

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We need to set up ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and fastboot via Android SDK. What for? This is going to be the platform if you will that then allows us to install the recovery. Once you have that configured on the computer you can start with recovery.

How do I put ADB and fastboot onto the tablet? Stay tuned because I’m about to write that up next. I will post the link in here to those guides. Then you can simply continue on with this guide. Already have those two things? Then continue ahead.

With the USB cable supplied, plug the tablet into the computer.

Navigate to android-SDK-windows platform-tools and when you get there press shift and right-click inside of the folder to enter the command line.

From the command line type in “adb reboot recovery” without the quotation marks. Press enter to confirm the request. After you have done this the tablet will now reboot itself in the recovery mode.

Now you can continue on with whatever root guide you were using to complete the root. Alternatively you can always check out our root section for the guide.

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