The ZTE Grand X Max Plus is one of the devices that has got both root-access and a custom recovery in one package. That means you don’t need to follow two separate posts to first root your phone and then flash a recovery on it. Both of these tasks can be done using a single guide given below.

Once you’ve rooted your phone, it should let you run root-requiring apps, flash a custom ROM, and so on. There’s a lot to do when you’re rooted and our guide here should help you with that.

Cricket ZTE Grand XMax

For now, lets’ get the phone rooted. Here’s how:

Files You Need

  1. Please backup your device before proceeding further to avoid any accidental lose of your important data.
  2. This should also flash a custom recovery on your phone.
  3. Download KingRoot app to your computer. You’re going to use it to root your phone.
  4. Download TWRP Recovery app to your computer. You’ll use it to flash the recovery on your phone.
  5. Download SuperSU to your computer. It’s the file that will permanently root your phone.

Rooting and Installing a Custom Recovery on the ZTE Grand X Max Plus

  1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure your phone can receive files from your computer.
  2. Copy KingRoot, TWRP Recovery, and SuperSU from your computer over to the internal SD card storage on your phone.
  3. When all these three files are copied, disconnect your phone from your computer.
  4. Head to Menu->Settings->Security on your phone and turn on Unknown sources. It’ll allow you to install apps from outside the Google Play store on your phone.
  5. Launch File Manager and tap on KingRoot to install the app on your phone.
  6. Wait for the app to install on your phone.
  7. When the app’s installed, launch it from your app drawer.
  8. Tap on Root in the app and wait for it to root your phone.
  9. When your phone’s rooted, close the app but do not reboot your phone or you’ll lose the root-access. Your phone is only temporary rooted now.
  10. Open File Manager and tap on TWRP Recovery app to install it on your phone.
  11. Launch the app when it’s installed on your phone.
  12. Tap on Install Recovery in the app and wait for it to install the recovery on your phone.
  13. When the recovery’s installed, tap on Reboot recovery to reboot your phone into the newly installed recovery mode.
  14. Once in recovery mode, tap on Install.
  15. Select SuperSU .zip that you copied earlier to be installed on your phone.
  16. Tap on Swipe to Confirm Flash to allow it to flash SuperSU on your phone.
  17. Wait for it to flash SuperSU on your phone.
  18. When it’s done flashing SuperSU, reboot your phone by selecting Reboot followed by System.
  19. Your phone should reboot.
  20. You’re now permanently rooted!

Hooray! You got it. Your ZTE Grand X Max Plus is now permanently rooted and the root should remain whether you reboot your phone or not. Enjoy!

In addition, you might want to know how to boot the ZTE Grand Max Plus into custom recovery mode so you can use its features.

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