So you have owned your smart phone for a while now and you think you know all to know with the current software update. You have found the hidden Easter Egg section, you browse the About Phone section and check all the details and you’ve hit up the Google Play store and downloaded applications in the masses. Well, guess what? There is still another side to the phones that you probably don’t know about unless you are an advanced Android users. Today, I’ll show you how to enter fastboot mode on your HTC One M7 device. The same mode is also known as boot loader mode because it enters the booting start-up part of the device and that’s how we change how the sequence.

Don’t confuse this fastboot mode with the other version under the same name you can have inside of Android SDK with ADB or better known as Android Debug bridge. They are two different aspects of the phone.

HTC One 2013

The bootloader section is raw code which runs first before the main operating system kicks into gear. That’s our chance to make some changes which then allow us to alter the kernel. You cannot enter the recovery mode before entering the fastboot mode your HTC One device, so we are showing you how to follow through with bootloader mode.

There’s not much to remember in preparation for this guide. You don’t have to back up the data or download any drivers. Everything done with a few fast key commands which you can easily carry out. You can try downloading the Reboot Manager application from the Google Play Store if you cannot figure out how to enter the mode from pressing keys. Sometimes people aren’t very talented with their fingers; my Aunt struggles unlocking her phone without any password protection on! For those people sometimes there are apps available to use.

Just remember to try to limit your application use because each application you store means worse battery life, more bloatware, less performance and less memory space. Losing memory will always result in performance loss.

The same steps below will work for the Google Play Edition and any model number that comes under the 2013 variant of the One M7. It also includes the 801e M7_U released in Taiwan, 801s M7_UL released in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Furthermore, includes the  801n M7_UL, 801n LTE versions, the Verizon HTC6500LVW, the Sprint HTC M7_WLS and more.

How to enter bootloader/fastboot mode on the HTC One M7

  1. Start with the phone turned on or off–it doesn’t matter which you choose.
  2. Hold down the Home and Volume Down buttons.
  3. Keep your fingers firmly down until the display changes to black.
  4. Carefully take one finger away from the Power button and hold down the Volume key.
  5. That’s it! Wait for the fastboot mode to come up on the display.
  6. You can toggle through the option by using the Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  7. Highlight the desired text and press the enter key to confirm the command.
  8. Always boot the partition back in normal mode by pressing the “reboot system now” option from the menu.
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