TWRP Recovery is the only active custom recovery currently available for the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus smartphone. In future, you might see CyanogenMod Recovery became available, but it’s Team Win’s recovery that is going to be the most stable recovery on your device and comes with all the features you need.

These are the guidelines to install TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus device:

Samsung Galaxy Core Plus

Files You Need

  1. Download the TWRP image for the Core Plus from this page.
  2. Download the Odin flashing tool for the Core Plus from this page.
  3. You are agreeing to void the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus’s warranty when you follow this guide. You can flash the stock ROM and that will give you your stock recovery along with it.
  4. You should only follow this guide if you have the SM-G350 variant of the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus device. You can check up on your model number by pointing to the Menu > Settings > About Device > Model Number.

Installing TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus

  1. Enable the USB Debugging Mode on the Core Plus so you can connect it to the computer and start flashing files to your device.
  2. Download the custom recovery image and the Odin flashing tool to the desktop of the computer. Drag them to the desktop from the default downloads folder.
  3. Extract the TWRP and Odin files to the desktop.
  4. Double-click over the Odin file executable that is now on the desktop and the flashing tool will open.
  5. Take off the Auto Reboot option from the Odin user-interface so the device does not automatically reboot when the guide is complete. Do not make any other changes to the Odin flashing tool’s settings.
  6. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus to the computer in download mode.
  7. Wait for a few seconds for the Odin flashing tool to detect your device. You know it’s detected when you get the green ID: COM port lighting up. Anyone who does not see the green ID: COM port and the word “added” must install the universal ADB Driver and try again.
  8. Click the AP button or the PDA button and browse the desktop for the TWRP file.
  9. Click the Start button and Odin will flash your new custom recovery over the stock recovery.
  10. Wait until you get the pass message for the Core Plus smartphone before advancing to the next step.
  11. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus to recovery mode during the first time boot. Do not let it boot up in normal mode after you reboot or else the custom recovery may get wiped and you will find the stock recovery on the device again. If that happens, you must follow the guide again.

In conclusion, you should have installed TWRP Recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Core Plus device with the SM-G350 model number. Anyone not getting the guide to work can try installing another version of the Odin flashing tool and try again. Sometimes it takes a few turns with different versions before one flashes.



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