If you happen to be a proud owner of the Huawei Honor 3C, you would be glad to know that TWRP recovery is now available for your phone. If you have used this recovery in the past, you probably already know what great features it brings to the tablet; from a nicely designed interface to some of the really great flashing features, the recovery has everything you would ever need.

Here’s how you can go about flashing TWRP Recovery on your Huawei Honor 3C:

TWRP Honor 3C


Files You Need

  1. This requires you to have a computer that runs Windows because the tool that you are going to use is only available for Windows.
  2. This should flash TWRP Recovery on your phone. If you wish to install CWM Recovery, you can do so using our CWM recovery guide for the Huawei Honor 3C.
  3. You should have your phone’s drivers installed on your Windows computer.
  4. Download SP Flash Tool to your computer. It will help you flash the recovery on your phone.
  5. Download Scatter file to your computer. It will be used along with the SP Flash Tool.
  6. Download TWRP Recovery to your computer. It is the actual recovery that will be flashed on your phone.

Installing TWRP Recovery on the Huawei Honor 3C

  1. Unzip files from both SP Flash Tool and TWRP Recovery over to your computer by right-clicking on each of them and selecting Extract here. It should extract the files for you.
  2. Launch SP Flash Tool by double-clicking on its executable file.
  3. Click on Download tab in the SP Flash Tool.
  4. Click on Scatter-loading on the screen that follows. It should let you select a scatter file to be loaded in the tool.
  5. Select the Scatter file that you downloaded earlier to be used in the tool.
  6. Uncheck all the options that appear in the tool except for RECOVERY.
  7. Click on the RECOVERY option and select TWRP Recovery available on your computer.
  8. Power off your phone.
  9. Hit Download button in the SP Flash Tool.
  10. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable while it is turned off.
  11. The tool should automatically start flashing TWRP Recovery on your phone.
  12. The tool should show a success message when flashing’s done.
  13. Click on OK in the tool.
  14. You are done!

TWRP Recovery was successfully installed on your Huawei Honor 3C and you can now follow our how to root the Huawei Honor 3C tutorial to gain root access on your phone.

TWRP is one of the popular touch-based custom recoveries for Android phones that allows you to flash various custom files on your phone, backup the entire system data, wipe the phone, and so on. While CWM works pretty much the same way as TWRP, the latter one has got an user interface different than the former one.

Once you have flashed a custom recovery and gained root access on your phone, you should be able to get started with flashing custom ROMs, custom kernels, custom files, and so on. These are the actual weapons that let you fully change the functionality of your phone; from the appearance of the phone to the internal functionality, everything gets changed when you flash these files on your phone.

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