Have you always wanted to flash a custom ROM on your Xiaomi MI4 because the stock ROM just never satisfied your needs? Well, the time has come now to do that. The said device has recently been blessed with a custom recovery to help you flash custom ROMs and custom kernels on your device. After all, that’s what a custom recovery is for.

Here’s how you can flash the popular CWM Recovery on your device:

Xiaomi MI4-1

Files You Need

1. Download the widely popular ClockworkMod Recovery for your Xiaomi MI4.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the Xiaomi MI4

1. Rename the recovery that you have downloaded to update.zip.

2. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

3. Copy the renamed recovery file from your computer over to the root folder on your device.

4. When the recovery is copied, disconnect your phone from your computer.

5. Launch the Updater app on your Xiaomi MI4.

6. Press the Menu button and select Choose file.

7. Navigate to the folder where you have saved the update.zip file and select it for flashing.

8. Once the file is flashed, reboot your device.

9. You are done.

The CWM Recovery was successfully installed on your Xiaomi MI4 and you can use Quick Reboot to easily reboot into the newly installed custom recovery mode.

A custom recovery on the Xiaomi MI4 smartphone is going to allow you to boot the new recovery partition and recover the device as you would with the stock recovery partition but then also gives you a great many features that were not available on the stock version. Some of those features include the chance to click the Backup button from the recovery menu, and it directs you through to taking an NANDroid backup which is a way of making a full backup without having to run ADBcomamnds from a computer. A custom recovery like the ClockworkMod Recovery that you just installed above is also going to give features for installing zip files. These zip files are most commonly custom ROMs, custom kernels and rooting file such as the SuperSu from Chainfire.

Sometimes root access is available but from other methods too. That is the case for the Xiaomi MI4 smartphone. If you want to become the root user on the operating system, then you can do that now by learning how to root the Xiaomi MI4 smartphone running on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software updates by flashing a developer ROM.