Most people want to install a custom recovery on the QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 so they can flash a custom ROM. Having a custom recovery isn’t the only way to flash a custom ROM. Sometimes you can install CyanogenMod and the CyanogenMod installer gives your device the ClockworkMod recovery. However, most people prefer to install the custom recovery using a guide we have here because it’s easier and not difficult to understand.

There are two main types of custom recoveries people use. The first recovery that become popular was the CWM recovery. With CWM, we use the Power and Volume buttons just like we would when we use a stock recovery. TWRP recovery, however, uses a touch-based recovery environment. That means you are pressing buttons on the display just like you would on a tablet.

QMobile Noir Quatro Z4

The Files You Need

  1. Download the MobileUncle MTK Tools from this page.
  2. Download the ClockworkMod recovery image from this page.
  3. The guide is made with the Windows operating system in mind, but you can complete the steps using a different computer if you need to do that.
  4. Installing the custom recovery on your mobile device does void any warranty you have remaining. You can return back to the stock recovery and that will mean the custom version is gone and they will accept it if you send it away for repairs.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the QMobile Noir Quatro Z4

  1. Download the CWM recovery image file on your Window PC.
  2. The file will automatically end up in the default Downloads folder if you are using a Windows computer.
  3. Open that Downloads folder — it doesn’t matter how. Now click and drag that recovery image file over to the desktop of the computer.
  4. Do not extract or unzip the file.
  5. Connect the QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 to the computer with the same USB cable you would normally use to charge the device.
  6. Transfer the recovery image file from the desktop over to the root of the internal storage SD card. That means you do not want to hide the file in any of the sub folder. You must make sure it is stored in the topmost folder on your SD card.
  7. Once that’s done, unplug the device from the computer.
  8. Head to the Google Play Store and download the MobileUncle app — or you can get it from the link we made available above.
  9. Open the app from your app drawer and click the recovery option from the menu.
  10. Browse the SD card for that same CWM recovery image file and it will install that recovery on your device.
  11. Exit the app once it’s done and the job is complete.
  12. Now all you need to do is boot your QMobile Noir Quatro Z4 into the custom recovery mode when you want to use it. You can do that by reading how to enter a custom recovery mode on Android devices using a few different methods.
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