Oppo’s R7 Plus boasts some of the amazing features that Android has for you. One of the best things about the phone is that it runs the latest version of Android – Lollipop onboard. What that means for you is that you don’t need to wait for months to get an update on your device as it simply comes preloaded with the latest version of Android available.

If you root your Oppo R7 Plus, you can have some extra cool features in addition to the default ones on your phone. Rooting just unlocks a whole new world of opportunities for you to customize your device, and there’ll be no limit as to how far you can go customizing your phone. Do you wish to just change that launcher on your phone or do you want to take the plunge to flash a whole new ROM on your phone? Root makes both of these possible for you.

Oppo R7 Plus

If that sounds interesting to you, you should definitely go ahead and root your phone using the guide given below:

Files You Need

  1. You must have access to a Windows running computer in order to do this tutorial.
  2. This should flash TWRP Recovery on your phone.
  3. Download Fastboot to your computer. You’ll use it to flash the recovery on your phone.
  4. Download TWRP Recovery to your computer. It’s the recovery that you’re going to flash in the following guide.
  5. This should only be tried on a Oppo R7 Plus smartphone.
  6. Download and install the required drivers on your Windows computer.

Installing a Custom Recovery on the Oppo R7 Plus

  1. Extract files from Fastboot to your computer by right-clicking on it and selecting Extract here.
  2. Unlock Developer options on your phone by heading to Menu->Settings->About phone and tapping on Build number for 7-8 times until it says you’re a developer.
  3. Head to Menu->Settings->Developer options and turn on USB debugging.
  4. Plug in your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  5. Open a Command Prompt Window in the folder where Fastboot and TWRP Recovery files are located. To do so, hold down Shift and right-click anywhere on your screen and select Open command window here.
  6. Type in the following command into the command prompt window and press Enter:
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. Your phone should reboot into bootloader mode.
  8. Then, type in the following command to flash the recovery on your phone. Make sure to replace recovery.img with the actual name of the TWRP Recovery image.
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  9. Wait for it to flash TWRP Recovery on your phone.
  10. When it’s done flashing TWRP, reboot your phone by entering the following command:
    fastboot reboot
  11. Your phone should reboot.
  12. You’re all set!

TWRP Recovery was successfully installed on your Oppo R7 Plus, and it’s time for you to go ahead and gain root on your device using this newly installed custom recovery. Head to our how to root the Oppo R7 Plus tutorial to learn how you can do that.

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