The originator of the touch recovery — TWRP recovery — is now out for the OnePlus X smartphone. You can install the new recovery on your device using the guide below. Once you have Team Win’s version of recovery on your device, you can install flashing zip files and custom ROMs. Furthermore, you’ll have the new backup option from within the recovery mode which lets you take NANDroid backups. A NANDroid backup is the best solution to storing all of your data and is a must if you are thinking about flashing a custom ROM.

OnePlus X

Files You Need

  1. Download the TWRP recovery image file from here.
  2. Download the Android SDK from here.
  3. You need to know how to set up ADB and fastboot using the Android SDK package.
  4. The following guide is made for Windows PCs only. You can find guides that work for Linux and Mac but they require separate files.
  5. These are the steps to install TWRP recovery on the OnePlus X smartphones. Installing a custom recovery on your device does void the warranty. You can normally wipe the custom recovery and install the stock recovery again to get that warranty working again.

Installing a custom recovery on OnePlus X devices

  1. Setup Android SDK and install the drivers on your computer.
  2. Long-press the Power key and turn off the smartphone. Now reboot the OnePlus X in bootloader mode.
  3. Press the Volume Up + Home + Power keys until you see the mobile devices screen change — it is now in the bootloader mode.
  4. Open the same folder where you have fastboot and hold down the Shift key on the keyboard and right-click an empty spot in the folder where there is no file.
  5. When done correctly, you should get anew menu. Select the ‘open command prompt window here’ from that new menu.
  6. Type the command: fastboot flash recovery oneplusxtwrp.img
  7. Wait until that custom recover is flashed on your device.
  8. Unplug from the computer and close the command prompt window.
  9. Reboot the OnePlus X smartphone and it’s now ready for you to use that custom recovery. All you need to do now is boot the device into the TWRP recovery mode by turning off the smartphone, rebooting holding the Power + Volume Down, wait for the OnePlus logo and release the Power button. If you cannot get the hardware key method to work, you might want to use app.
  10. Read how to enter custom recovery on the OnePlus X smartphone using apps from the Google Play Store.
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