We cover jailbreaking extensively here at Mobile Cupertino given that it is one of our favorite things to do with a Mobile device. Hopefully, as time goes on the negative stimulus surrounding hacking is gone, and people realize that there is more to the terminology than just bad things.

When you cover a topic, so extensively, sometimes you can forget the simple things, such as telling people how they can un-jailbreak their iPhones. Getting rid of the Jailbreak is a manageable thing to do. In fact, often, people do it without even realizing. They do it by accident, even when they want to keep it.

All you need to do is update the firmware and the jailbroken state that the iPhone is no longer there. You can do this by downloading the iPhone firmware manually, which we have in the iOS firmware section. Or, you can wait for another iOS update to come into the setting of your smartphone. It is known as an over the air update. When it arrives in your settings, simply follow the prompts to install the software update for the iPhone.

How do I know if the OTA update for my device is available over the air? If you scroll over to your settings icon on the home screen, look for an alert or a number to be sitting there which symbolizes that an update is ready. Now these updates that I am talking about only happen around 4 times a year for the average users. There are roughly another four times a year available to developers who are in on the beta versions, but to the average user that probably sounds foreign so we won’t go into that.

If you don’t want to wait that long, that’s OK too. Like I mentioned before, you can install the updates manually. If you head to the IOS firmware section of this site and search for the firmware that you want to install, the guide should also go with it.