I had a friend come to me recently wondering what to do about a white screen that appears when installing the custom ROM for the HTC Amaze. After searching around the web, it seems the problem is a missing kernel. It seems to also pop up on the HTC Amaze which is s-on. So what’s the solution? Hasoon is a developer that has created a root toolkit. Check out this XDA thread I have in step1 to find out about the Hasoon toolkit. Install the toolkit carefully and follow the guide below the jump.

Step 1. Visit the XDA thread for the Hasoon toolkit and download it.

Step 2. Extract the all-in-one kit onto a Windows PC.

Step 3. Extract the ROM zip file which you are currently using and see the problem. Inside it, look out for a file which is called boot.img. Grab this file and put it in the Hasoon toolkit under the data > kernel folder. Make sure there is not any antivirus running on both your Windows PC and the HTC Amaze. Also, make sure the HTC Sync is disabled.

Step 4. Now reboot the mobile. Upon rebooting put the device into fastboot mode.

Step 5. With the USB supplied, connect the Amaze to the Windows PC.

Step 6. Run the Hasoon toolkit and look for the kernel section. Inside the kernel area, you need to press the flash command. Once you have flashed it, reboot the device again. This should now have fixed your problem.