Cleaning up your Mac is imperative to keep it running properly and hassle free. One of the biggest problems is losing too much hard drive space which results in a slow running machine. When you use your Mac files, and registry errors can develop. These need to be taken care of to ensure proper operation of the Mac, and there is a way to get rid of all this junk with an app I will put at the end of the post.

Hard drive space isn’t the only Mac killer though. Sometimes you will want to remove installed applications and give your Mac a thorough clean out by using some maintenance scripts. Everything I mentioned here is done by using apps designed specifically to become an open source Mac cleaner.

The first app is AppZapper. AppZapper calls itself the Uninstaller that Apple had forgotten about. And this description isn’t far off either. AppZapper will clean up all the things that happen behind the scenes with apps entirely. Applications are known as nasty on occasion and leave lots of things behind you don’t need there. AppZapper is available to buy for free. Just type it into Google, and you will see there is a way to get the full version for free.

Something a little more advanced is the CleanApp. CleanApp is like AppZapper, but it cleans more than just apps. All of the hidden logging files in particular that over time build up and slow down your Mac. There is no need for them, and CleanApp will get rid of them for you.

To go one step further, you will want something like OnyX. Onyx is probably the most advanced out of the three and specialises in arranging advanced system operations so that everything is in order. The OnyX is freeware from French developer, Joël Barrière. So this is an open source Mac cleaner that many are looking for since they consider this should come free with a Mac nevertheless.

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