If you ever want to return the Tecno N2 smartphone to its default factory state, you can do that with a hard reset. A hard reset wipes all data so there will be nothing on the smartphone anymore; no signs of any of the data you once had at all. If you intend on keeping the device and you have taken a backup, you can restore that backup and have the same data on the device once the hard reset is complete.

This tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the Tecno N2 smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Tecno N2

You can hard reset the Tecno N2 smartphone from the Backup & Reset section of the Settings app. Here is how:

A hard reset does wipe all data, meaning you need to take a backup before hard resetting if you plan on restoring the same data on your phone afterward. You can back up from the same place as the hard reset.

1. With the Tecno N2 turned on, tap Settings > Backup & reset.

2. Tap Factory data reset > Reset phone.

3. Tap Erase everything.

After the factory reset is complete, it will say Android is restarting on the screen after which you will have the smartphone without any data on it at all. You can restore your backup if you want the data back on the device. Otherwise, if you planned on giving the smartphone to someone else, you can keep the data wiped and hand it over.