Google is doing it’s the best job to dispel any ‘technology is bad’ talk by bringing out a pair of talking shoes. Granted, there are obvious implications of sitting for too long and certain technological products reducing the amount of physical activity we do, however, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the free will to move around still.

While my method is to sit here and butt heads with the opposing view, Google has decided to tackle the problem head on by creating a new talking shoe gadget aimed at making a more physical technology breakthrough.

This is said to be Google’s idea of a futuristic shoe and is currently a concept being developed that is no longer stuck behind closed doors. If you search the web — or Google — you will find a fairly extensive range of pictures for the new concept shoe much as we have posted here.

This is what the Google developers had to say about the new shoe: ”by connecting a pair of sneakers to the web, we’re creating unique opportunities between physical objects and digital ad spaces. The Google smart sneaker has a personality that talks back and can connect the wearer’s activity to the web if the wearer chooses to.”

You may notice on the tongue of the shoe an Adidas symbol, and you would be correct in assuming so. It seems this project is so far advanced already, Adidas and Google have teamed up in the partnership of the Google shoe project. Just how far this new Google project will go is anyone’s guess, but it looks like Google is doing everything they can to make it a legit one.

How does the new Google shoe work? By making use of various pressure censors in the shoe, as well as a gyroscope, accelerometer and blue tooth connectivity that is also connected to the web. The shoe is an interesting project, to say the least.

Google is fast becoming a company renowned for innovation. The news of this shoe comes out at the same time the Google Glass project is expected almost to be released into the wild. Many were skeptical about the Google Glass project, to begin with, much like they will be with this new Google shoe. With arguments like who is going to be seen sporting those glasses and how is anyone going to be able to afford them being two of the most common talking points. While may be valid arguments at the time; it certainly seems the Google glasses are on the road to success, so it’s hard not to pay attention to what Google is doing with other projects.

The world is dictated by business and large enterprises like Google more than people realize. Lots of things are being developed behind closed doors that the vast majority of the world remains clueless about at this stage. These big companies will shape our future, and their work is most definitely worth taking a look at, even if it did seem a bit far-fetched when first glanced upon by people.

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