Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have been under a lot of scrutiny in recent times for tracking too much of users’ data, and apparently, it’s so bad that people need to go looking for alternatives like DuckDuckGo for instance.

It has come to light that now there is a section of each person’s Gmail client that shows the history of purchases one has made with Google.

Google says that the history of purchases isn’t anything to do with them wanting the information and that it isn’t related to cookies or targeting advertisements. That hasn’t been enough for some of the world’s largest news sites latching onto this news and trying to make sure readers are up in arms over it.

If you can’t tell, we aren’t too concerned with our shopping history not being automatically deleted. We can even think of some times when we could use that information our selves, and might even be thankful for Google storing our data free of charge so we can see it. And if Google wants to take a look at what size our underwear is, well, we can live with that, too. Last time we checked, you can’t read minds from underpants.