When it comes to flagship Smartphones one thing companies always like to do is keep them updated as much as possible. That’s what he have here with Samsung’s flagship device the Galaxy S4. This update builds has been given the code XXUBMG1 and will update user’s phones to the latest 4.2.2 Jelly bean. The Korean company rolled this one out a few days ago over the air to a lot of places around Asia and Europe, with more countries still receiving it as we speak and over the previous hours. It has also been made available via Samsung KIES software.

The installation is fairly light-weight, only holding around 30MB. With it, users can expect a range of bug fixes and improvements. It also has had some work done to the firmware which will bring new features and tweaks also. The XXUBMG1 firmware was originally produced on July 1st. That means it has sat around since then for some now unknown reason.

This is an official firmware released by Samsung themselves and will not come with any consequences such as a loss of warranty.

The Galaxy S4 I9500 USB drivers will be sure to make your life a lot easier. Some of you may already have those, in which case, you can move on from this.

Enable USB debugging mode from the Developer Options menu. Moreover locate and install the up to date USB Drivers. That way when we combine both together we end up with a successful connection.

Firmware updates don’t usually result in any loss of data, therefore it is not a necessity to do so to keep your contacts and data. Having said that we always recommend a backup before proceeding in the slight chance of something going wrong.

Install XXUBMG1 Android 4.2.2 On The Galaxy S4 I9500

1. Download the Android 4.2.2 I9500XXUBMG1 to a safe place, but more importantly, a place easy to find such as the desktop. It never it the neatest, or normally an advised place to store things, but in this case you can simply delete it when you’re done.

2. Download Odin v3.07 also.

3. Power up the mobile in download mode.

4. Run the Odin and have it open on the computer.

5. Plug the mobile into the computer via USB.

It should have been connected inside Odin. Look out for an added message appearing.

6. Now you will need to fetch out the files from the I9500XXUBMG1 file which you extracted in step 1.

Look for a code file and put it in the PDA.

Look for a modem file and put it in the phone.

Look for a CSC file and put it in the CSC.

Look for a pit file. This one is a mystery at times. It may be there, or it may not. If it is, then by all means, use it.

Everybody needs to check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time boxes like the picture above displays. Everything else should stay as default unless you did find a pit file, in which case, you should check re-partition.

7. Click the start button to finish.

You can expect the phone to reboot itself. This may take up to five minutes for the first time.

Interesting fact: Back in December of 2012 before its release it wasn’t yet known if the GT version was in fact going to be the S4 or not. The only thing that gave it away and had people talking about it was the models numbers which showed that they could match up.

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