The galaxy S4 mini Duos I9192 received an update today. It can now be running the Android 4.2.2 firmware. This is the latest possible Jelly Bean build this device can be running as of today.

This mobile has become really popular right around the world. From India to Australia you can find folks with this hanging from their back pockets.

Its name comes from the fact that it can have dual SIM which is becoming the thing to have. Specs are becoming a little outdated, however, with this XXUAMF9 firmware boost you’ll be feeling fresh once again.

They’re just a few things you will need before you start. They include:

  • USB debugging mode enabled from the phone’s settings is needed to complete this guide. Every Android handset can do this because it is what allows the communication between the device and the computer. There are lots of tasks that are needed to be done with a computer connection so they give this an option by default. It can be known as a bit of a battery drainer though, and if you have used the settings to save your battery, you may find that the device has automatically switched off. Once finished with the guide, then you can turn it back off again, and it shouldn’t have interfered with your other battery saving operations. To make you feel safer about it, you can always go back and reset the option for the battery saving technique, and this will adjust every settings the way it needs to be again.
  • Flashing official firmware from Samsung means it will revoke any root access and custom recovery image previously installed on the device. Furthermore, if you have a custom ROM it will need a system wipe so backing up is imperative. Use apps such as Titanium to help.
  • Backing up is something that cannot be stressed enough, because even though we expect to have no problems for people following these guides, technology can be funny sometimes, and it can’t be guaranteed that you will have a smooth ride. By doing a simple back up it can prevent from any regrets of not doing one once all of your things are nowhere to be found. There’s two ways to get this done: internal storage or the external SD card that is available from shops and online stores. Either way will suffice, it just comes down to preference. There’s also tools which can be obtained via the Google Play store to make this less of a headache and simplify the process of getting the backup completed. Make copies of the phone contacts, SMS texts using SMS backup, pictures, videos, audio and music files.
  • Verify USB Debugging is enabled by stopping over at the Developer Options menu available from the settings.
  • Download the he Galaxy S4 Mini Duos USB drivers here or get them from Samsung Kies here. Alternatively, you can get these by visiting the official Samsung website and downloading them.
  • If you get stuck or need help during the installation process, it’s better to stop what you are doing and leave a comment asking for help than perusing something you are not confident with. This isn’t too much to ask because we are always online and should be able to aid you with any needs before too long.

Install XXUAMF9 Android 4.2.2 jelly Bean On The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos

1. Download Odin v3.07.

2. Download the Android 4.2.2 I9192XXUAMF9 to the desktop of the computer and extract the file.

3. Boot the S4 Mini into download mode.
– press Volume Down + Power + Home buttons at the same time.

4. Run the Odin, which you downloaded and then connects the S4 to the computer. If you run into issues here it is most likely due to the bad drivers. Follow the links I provided above for the solution.

5. Now inside Odin are different buttons. All we do here is grab the files from the extracted firmware you did in step 1.

– Choose the phone button. Upload the modem file here.

– Choose the CSC button. Upload the CSC file here.

– Choose the PDA button. Upload the code file here.

– Choose the pit file and check if there is a pit file. If there isn’t just leave it out.

No matter who you are, you must check the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options. Those of you who are using a pit file will also need to make sure the re-partition box in marked. Leave the rest of the settings as default.

If you are noticing any issues it likely is because you have a locked carrier device, meaning that trying to use it on any other carrier than the one you are already with. The only two solutions to this problem is to get it unlocked first and then come back and try it again at a later date.

6. Click the start button.

7. Wait until the flashing finishes before you touch any buttons.

8. Close the application when it is done.

9. Do not unplug the smartphone until you click the “safely remove hardware” icon in the Windows system tray. Stop the USB mass Storage device.

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