You can now update the galaxy Note 8.0 LTE with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean thanks to Samsung who released the official firmware earlier today.

We already managed to cover what this upgrade brings. If you wish to check that news out you can do so here.

The new build has been given the digits XXCMG7. As we covered before, there are several ways to go about getting this on your Note. You can get it OTA, or via KIES. The other way is to follow this guide and install it on your device manually.

  • Backing up can be a real pain for some Android devices and this has proven to be one of them. Yes, there are settings automatically built-in like the backup and restore option, but these won’t give you a full copy. There’s another setting that lets you check the box for your data. These are fine, but you want more. Root access will give you the proper way to get this done, but we don’t want that now either. So what should you do? The best bet is to get an application like Helium from the play store. It doesn’t need any root and by using the Samsung program you can back up all the apps you might already have downloaded as well as everything else.
  • Boost up the battery power to at least 50%. If the temperature gives high or cold in your area, it a bit extra. The temperature can create a less efficient battery. Also, depending on how much you use the handset well to determine the overall health. Always take this into consideration too. This last bit isn’t as much a big deal as it was before, but it can still prove to be a useful tip for some. Depending on your local reception, if you are not running on the home WiFi, will also help your battery longevity. If the reception isn’t good, you want to give it more power again. Something around the 60% should suffice.
  • It’s also important that you use this on the LTE variant and none of the others. Failing to abide by these rules can leave you wishing you hadn’t. The worst case scenario is you will break it.
  • This product was revealed first at the FCC of 2013. That’s why I have included the picture featured above.
  • Verify you have USB Debugging Mode enabled by visiting the Developer Options menu from the Settings. Furthermore, you need to have the up to date USB Drivers to make the connection.

How to flash Android 4.2.2 XXCMG7 Jelly Bean firmware for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE N5120

1. Download the XXCMG7 zip and extract the folder. Inside you will find the N5120XXCMG7_N5120BTUCMG7_BTU file. Also known as the tar.md5 file.

Keep notice of this as we will be using it in a minute.

2. Download ODIN 3.07.

3. Boot the Note into download mode.

4. Run ODIN as an admin. Right click on the file and choose the run as admin option.

5. Inside ODIN click the PDA button and upload the file mentioned in the first step.

Do not adjust any of the default settings inside ODIN. Also make sure the re-partition box is not checked.

6. Click the start button to begin flashing.

This can take some time. Find something to do and come back in 10 to 15 minutes. It will reboot by itself when it is finished. When it loads back up it will ask you to enter your Google account details again.

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