Today, Samsung have released a new advertising campaigned called “expecting more with Samsung Galaxy S5.” I love advertising efforts from smartphone manufacturers, but I also know that finding the truth in them isn’t always easy. So, with that knowledge, what are they up to here?

I’ve said all along the Sammy would find it hard coming up with a reason about why they think it’s OK to bring out two flagships in a matter of months from each other. Could their purpose be as though the consumers have asked for more so they are giving it to them? Using the people as bait could be the best answer and it might be why we see this new series of commercials set to break out.


This first addition to the series is not anywhere near that level of manipulation though. It is about the current S5 and introducing the new Ultra Power Saving Mode. They have done a funny take on how a guy lost his job because the battery run out on him id conversation. It is highlighting just how important the battery is and as I’ve so often said, the battery is the number one feature that people want to see further technological advancements.

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