The Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone is the latest craze to come out of the Sony flagship range this year. So far there isn’t any bad smartphone talk about the Z4 features or the hardware. The main rival for the Z4 is the Samsung Galaxy S6. As you probably know, Sammy only bring out one flagship per year, but the Japanese phone maker (Sony) usually brings out two per year. For example, last year saw the Z2 and the Z3. The year before that saw the Z1 and the original Z.

If you are already using this smartphone you are probably not sick of using the latest Lollipop operating system with material design, Android Beam, Android RunTime, a new Flappy Bird Easter Egg and tap and go NFC payments just yet, so rooting and installing a custom ROM is probably not on the agenda today. One thing you can do to enhance your OS is deck it out with the new Sony Xperia Z4 Stock wallpapers by clicking the link below.

Xperia Z4 stock wallpapers

All you have to do is download the zip file to the desktop of the PC and choose to “Show in Folder” from the small arrow on the right side after it downloads just above the taskbar (for Windows). Now you can select the folder with the stock wallpapers inside and shift it over to the desktop. From there, connect the Sony Xperia Z4 to the computer using the USB cable and transfer the file of wallpapers to the internal storage of the Z4 smartphone. Now you can open those new pictures in the gallery.

The new Z4 wallpapers are colorful, basic and don’t offer the complex design we know wallpapers to have in the past. The minimalist design is definitely in style and your handset will look awesome once you pick the color you prefer.

If you want something else that’s pretty to look at, make sure you check your notifications for new Android Lollipop software updates. Since this is a new smartphone, you can expect some prompt future software updates that might come with new features. If you can remember last year, the Android KitKat software update changed the status and navigation bars to transparent and white to better suit the KitKat look. We might see more changes to further support material design and Lollipop soon.

Download the stock Xperia Z4 wallpapers here in full HD.

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