The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the greatest smartphones Sammy has ever produced. What’s more, some of the stock apps that came with the device will go down as some of the best in history. In this post, you will find stock apps such as Chat On — the popular messaging service made by Samsung that was stopped. You won’t find these kind of apps coming native with Samsung’s Android operating systems out of the box any more. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot download the app and use Chat On with your device like you wouldn’t back when the S3 was new.

Those of you who have updated your Sammy smartphones to newer versions, might prefer checking out the Samsung Galaxy S6 stock apps APK, or even the Samsung Galaxy S5 stock apps APK.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Download the Samsung Galaxy S3 stock apps APK files

You can also download the Samsung keyboard if you preferred the keyboard from the third-generation flagship under the Samsung name. Voice talk is another popular APK to have, along with the Voice recorder. Of course, no APK set would be complete without the infamous TouchWiz launcher. However, in case you didn’t already know, there are other launchers you can download from Google Play. Some of them are free, while others will set you back a small fee.

How to install an APK file with an Android file manager

  1. Head to the Google Play store and download any file manager of your choice. If you want our recommendation, we prefer ASTRO File manager. However, there are many that are just as great — some of them are open source too.
  2. Turn on your Windows PC and download the APK you want to install directly to the computer.
  3. Navigate to the Settings on the S3 and enable the “Unknown Sources” option so you can install files outside of the Google Play Store.
  4. Connect the smartphone to the Windows PC where you have the APk using the USB cable you use for charging.
  5. Transfer the APK file over to the internal storage SD card. Make sure that you don’t hide the APK in any sub folder. We call this keeping the APK in the root folder.
  6. Unplug the device from the computer after you’ve transfer the file.
  7. Search through the directory and find the app on the smartphone.
  8. Tap over the app you wanted to install.
  9. Tap the “Open App Manager” option from the display.
  10. Choose the “Install’ option from the next screen.

Now you have the APK fully installed and ready to use after it finishes installing.

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