Anyone who owns a Samsung smartphone or tablet that is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for an operating system will want to download the Odin downloader version that is in this article for flashing files to that device. Examples of things you may want to flash on your Samsung running Android 4.3 include custom recoveries, custom kernels, rooting files to open up the operating system and even official stock ROMs that you might download from the Sam Mobile website. The stock ROM is the same as installing an official firmware build only you do it manually with the Odin flashing tool. It’s great if you have rooted your Samsung device before and are now suffering from some soft brick symptoms because things didn’t go very well. That had happened to me before after I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone and then installed the Titanium Backup application only to uninstall the wrong apps then accidentally.

The Odin version available in this guide is going to flash smartphones and tablets that are running the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. You can check what software your Android is running by heading over to the Settings > About Device > Android Version and taking a look. The funny thing with Odin applications is that Samsung never gave them an official release, and there are reports from friends who use the apps, and they don’t flash. That can happen at any time, so even though the version of Odin we recommend for 4.3 in this guide is the one you should use, it doesn’t mean it will always work for everybody. To counteract that problem, all you need to do is head to the other link we will drop in the post below and scroll down our Odin page and try installing the version that is directly beneath it in number. So, if the link in this guide gives you Odin 3.10 and it doesn’t flash for your device, click on the Odin link and scroll down to download the Odin 309 and see if that helps. Continue trying the number directly beneath the one you just flashed until one of them finally works.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Odin flashing tool never comes out with an official changelog because Samsung never released the tool . However, it’s safe to assume that the newer versions work best for the newer versions of the Android software versions. Furthermore, the newer versions might come with bug fixes which should give them a higher success rate.

For those who do not already know, there are a few things you should take care of before going ahead and trying to flash your device with the Odin flashing tool. Starting with the computer, you will need to install the Samsung USB Drivers on the computer. The steps to installing the drivers can vary depending on your version of the Windows operating system that is running on your computer because the OS features can change. However, the basic principle of downloading the Samsung drivers, opening the file from the folder it downloaded to (still usually the ‘downloads’automatically) should bring up the file for you to run. Now just follow the on-screen commands once the program is on the display to finish the driver installation. The driver packages do not need to be extracted on the desktop like the Odin file does. Once you have the drivers installed, download the Odin app and choose to extract the file to the desktop location. Connect the Samsung device of your choice to the computer with the USB cable with the device in download mode and the Odin user interface should give you a color coming from the ID: COM port which is usually yellow or blue. Now you just extract the file you want to flash to the desktop and then click the AP or PDA button from the Odin user interface and the file will flash when you click on the Start button.

Download the Odin flashing tool that works for the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update from the links below:

Download Odin (All Versions)