Odin comes in many different versions. It gets updated every so often and each different Odin is required for a particular guide. We use Odin a lot on this site because it is a necessary tool used to flash firmware files onto an Android device. This includes both official firmware and custom firmware.

Most guides these days use the latest Odin, however, the Odin 3.04 is still needed for many of the older guides, depending on which device you have.
Odin is specifically made for Windows PC computers. Do not use it on an Apple Mac. If your only option is using a Mac there is added extra software you will need before you try it.

Inside Odin will be various boxes. It is not advised you to go ahead and use this flashing tool without the proper guidance. Each tutorial requires strict following. Failing to do so can lead to damaged devices. Do not use Odin unless you have a trusted source guide in front of you, or unless you are experienced in flashing files.

You can see from the image above how the default settings inside Odin look. This is fairly standard for many of the procedures. It’s the re-partition box which can be a costly mistake on many devices causing brick issues. There is no telling whether it should be off or on until you look at the specific guide from a trusted source only.

Download Odin 3.04 here.

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