The Motorola Phone Flash Tool is a small application that allows you to flash stock firmware files to many Motorola smartphones or tablets.

There is often more than one way to flash firmware files to devices. Many tools out there can help you flash firmware files based on what CPU the device has while other tools are made to work for all devices that come from a particular manufacturer.

In this instance, it’s the latter that is relevant: you should always be able to use the Motorola Flash Tool to flash stock ROM files to devices that are made by Motorola, even if you have a device with a different system chip to other Motorola handsets out there.

The Motorola Flash Tool is useful if you’ve tried flashing your firmware with another tool such as the SP Flash Tool (made for devices that come with Mediatek aka MTK) system chips and it didn’t work.

Download Motorola Flash Tool

Use the links below to download the latest version possible of the Motorola Flash Tool. If the latest version doesn’t work, use the next version down until you find one that works for your device and computer.

In conclusion, that is how to download the Motorola Flash Tool.