With the self-proclaimed motto of “best launcher for Android” in the title, it’s fair to say that the developers of Clauncher are happy with what they have produced and for good reason. As of this year colors are in and this launcher is full of them in themes that go anywhere from metro right through to iOS 7 look-a-likes. Themes aren’t what this is all bout though. It’s more about speeding up the device more than anything else and it works as a charm. The maker has a talent for art and graphics though so when it does come down to hooking up wallpapers and icons he makes cool stuff.


This update comes with seven noteworthy changes. Accessing themes is only one click away now because of the popularity of changing the handsets looks among users. There’s also a new tool for creating themes. The app list has three additional sort orders, visual effects are optimized and there is a “wholly” update interface.


Version came out on the 28th of April and it is 5.7 MB to download. I recommend doing this over the home WIFi and not using the mobile data because that is a big download that will use up memory and take a while unless you have 4G speed. In traditional Google Play fashion, we can’t pinpoint the exact amount of users but the website tells us between 1000,000 and 500,000. Suffice to say it is highly sought after and chances are most of them have not updated so hit up the link we have here to take you to the direct link Android have provided for their app store.

Don’t be put off when you see the developer is 暢遊時代. While most of us English speakers can’t make any sense of that and it might scare many away, this guy has worked on some amazing applications. Some of his work include Transformers, Need for Speed, Resident Evil and Harry Potter. Yes, this guy is an avid gamer and when it comes to coding he knows what he is doing. If you love any of those games and want to try a new launcher this Clauncher should have instant appeal.

All Android devices looking to install this will need Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich to work. Download the CLauncher version from this link.

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